Fan Practices as a Performative Dimension of Post-Media Television

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The main aim of this article is to present the fan’s practices associated with television in the context of the thesis coming from the ‘creative media’ project of Joanna Zylinska and Sarah Kember, which referring to the theory of performativity. Performativity in terms of Zylinska and Kamber is realized in relations between media, which according to them create the actual figure of contemporary media. The author of the article refers also to the assumptions of Piotr Celiński about postmediality, recognizing the fan’s practices for its performative manifestation. In the present theoretical context the author makes in the article analysis of selected examples of fan’s practices that stay in an interesting and ambiguous rela­tionship with the original television productions.

Keywords: convergence, performativity, mediation, postmedia, fan’s practices

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