Editorial Staff


Janina Radziszewska – Editor in Chief

Cultural anthropologist. Research interests: pop culture, anthropology of space, cultural identity of the Lower Silesia region. Author of the book: “The Library of the Stories.The image of the Polish Highlanders in Polish literature from the 19th century” (Wrocław 2009) and co-editor several books.


Katarzyna Majbroda – Editor

Assistant Professor at Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Wroclaw, Poland. Literature specialist and anthropologist, lover of good literature and contemporary theater. Her interests include 20th and 21th  literary theory, feminist and gender criticism, methodology and theories of socio-cultural anthropology. She is also interested in cultural critique and post-dependency discourses in human and social sciences. For a while she has also been practicing urban anthropology and anthropology of education. The author of books: Feminist literary critique in Poland after 1989. Text, discourse and knowing from different perspective (2013), Clifford Geertz’s Interpretive Anthropology. BetweenText, Experience and Theory(2015).

tmTadeusz Mincer  – …

imIwona Morozow – Editor

Anthropologist, film critic, a PhD student at University of Wrocław. Her research interests and publications are in the area of anthropology and film studies.

ksKrzysztof Solarewicz  – Editor

A graduate and a PhD student at the Institute for Cultural Studies at the University of Wroclaw. His dissertation aims at relations between culture and technology in bioethics and contemporary science fiction. The study’s objects are the visions of the future that those two kinds of texts produce, and the worldviews that presuppose them.